New Illustration- Level B: Fresh Paint




Sponsor new Get Well Map themes that are fun and engaging for children, and highlight the nature of your business too!

$2500 Sponsors a New Illustration and 100 Get Well Maps to Pediatric Healthcare Organizations of your Choosing

Our Wish List includes:

  • Construction/Building/Heavy Equipment themes
  • Everyday Hero themes (Police, Firefighter, Military)
  • Tween/Teen themes (Amusement Park, Ninja, Skate Park)
  • Nature/Faith-Based
  • We would love to hear your ideas!!! Please let us know if there is a theme that is close to your heart or if you would like to create a Get Well Map in honor of a loved one that is themed around their favorite inspirations.

Provide a vivid, engaging Patient & Family Education Resource that highlights your interest in making a positive impact on children and families throughout their journeys to their goals!

We will feature your business logo upon your request!