Frequently Asked Questions…

  • “How can Get Well Maps further our organization’s efforts to enhance Patient & Family-Centered Care Initiatives?”
    • Our Get Well Maps are interactive, visual aids that build upon the hard work your teams are doing to advance Patient & Family-Centered Care Initiatives.
    • Your teams establish interdisciplinary treatment plans and goals to improve the health and well-being of children and families through medical treatments, therapy services and medical education. Our Get Well Maps are fun, engaging tools that encourage children and families to be active participants in establishing and working towards their individualized goals (with a developmentally-appropriate, child-centered approach).
    • Providing visual, tactile & kinesthetic learning opportunities enhances a child and family’s ability to process or retain important information, especially at times when they are under high levels of stress & anxiety. Our tools are ready for immediate use by your teams to bridge the communication gaps that often exist between children, families and medical teams.
  • “Can Get Well Maps be customized for our organization, department or specific patient population needs?”
    • Yes. Upon request, Get Well Maps can be printed with your healthcare organization or sponsor’s logo to feature your commitment towards improving patient experience and quality outcomes with children and families facing medical challenges.
    • If you have a certain patient population that would benefit from Get Well Maps (NICU, Adolescent, Geriatric, etc)…Our team will create custom illustrations upon request to meet those population needs. Please contact us for further inquiry!
  • “How can I encourage various members of the medical team to utilize a Get Well Map? Many members of our staff feel overwhelmed by the current demands in healthcare.” 
    • Host a Lunch & Learn or short in-service!
      • Great for Q & A, and collaboration among the team.
      • Your team members were inspired to pursue a career in pediatric healthcare because they share the common goal of helping children facing medical challenges. Let’s build excitement with a tool that focuses on the child’s perspective. Let’s improve consistency among the entire team to use developmentally-appropriate communication when providing medical care, support and education.
      • Our illustrations are fun, whimsical and engaging for children and their families! They visually demonstrate that the child’s entire team is working towards the child/family’s meaningful goal(s). Your words are powerful, but an interactive visual aid enhances cognitive processing and comprehension, so your impact remains long after you have left the patient’s bedside.
      • Remember… “Tell me and I Forget, Show me and I Remember, Involve me and I Understand”.
  • “How do I use a Get Well Map with a Patient/Family that has an extended treatment course and/or expected hospitalization?”
    • The “Goal” at the finish line of a Get Well Map can be adapted to a series of short-term goals, identified by the child & family with help and guidance from their medical team. For example, a short-term goal might be walking with Physical Therapy, participating in a game or art activity in the Child Life Activity Center, visiting a play area with a sibling, etc. The “Goal” can be adjusted to a photo of their home when that long-term goal is applicable and appropriate.
  • “Can Get Well Maps be sanitized to align with our facility’s infection control standards?”
    • Yes. Our Get Well Maps are printed directly onto a firm 12×18” PVC material that can be sanitized in the event of a splash or spill, or when the need arises to clean materials due to immune deficiency conditions or isolation status. Note: New photographs may need to be printed & adhered to the Get Well Map.

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